A blazing-fast commenting system, built for the JAMstack

The future of website development is the JAMstack. Static websites that are blazing fast, ultra-secure and dead-simple to manage. By connecting your site to a headless CMS and a hosting platform, you get a fully-functioning website at little to no cost.

But there's never been a simple way to add dynamic comments to your site.

Until now.

Dead-Simple Setup

With Staticbox, you can set up comments on your site in just 5 minutes. Just create an account, grab your API key and you're good to go!

Blazing Fast

Staticbox takes advantage of serverless architecture and static sites generators by loading your comments before you deploy.

Fully Customizable

Integrate fully with your site by customizing every aspect of the comments form, display, text and more; All with an intuitive visual editor.

Not only does Staticbox offer moderation, custom filters, custom styles and more; it's also the first commenting system that's built specifically for static sites.

What does that mean?

Staticbox retrieves your comments when you build your site, meaning they're pre-loaded when a user visits your website. This means that loading your comments won't slow down your page or add ANY bloat, like with other commenting systems.

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